Defining Quality through personalized planning.

Get a closer look at the core services we provide to help our clients feel more confident in their finances:

Connecting clients with trusted members in our community helps us ensure our clients are being taken care of at every stage of the wealth management process.
We believe in long term investing. For 2 decades our flagship investment strategy has outpaced the S&P 500. We create comprehensive portfolios by investing in quality companies so individuals can preserve, protect and foster their financial future. To review the criteria involved in the Curran Quality Index, please see below.
The Curran Quality Index
Curran Wealth Management invests in a select group of highly focused positions, as we believe in Quality over Quantity. We define quality companies as:
  • Less than 35% debt to capital ratio

  • Returns on equity of 15% or greater

  • Earnings growth greater than 10%

  • Consistently profitable

Investment Performance
Curran’s Core Equity Strategy has outpaced the S&P 500 index for 2 decades. For the 5-year period ending 12-31-2022, this same strategy ranked #3 in Broadridge Lipper’s Large Core Equity Strategy ratings.
Risk Management
Managing risk is integral to each piece of Curran’s investment process. Determining a client’s comfort level when taking on risk is a primary component of the onboarding process. As goals and timelines change, these comfort levels are revisited.
Investment Committee
Our Investment Committee actively manages and rebalances our portfolio strategies, ensuring the companies we invest in meet our quality standards, while also providing us the opportunity to take advantage of market momentum when appropriate. Our customers are able to meet with members of our committee by request.
At Curran, we take a year-round approach to tax planning. While traditionally considered a separate challenge from wealth management, Curran has developed a hybrid model bringing together tax planning and our relationship managers. Tax implications can be considered and analyzed for every transaction and our clients can meet with our in-house CPA to discuss strategies.
Managing your income in retirement can be challenging. We are there for you as required minimum distributions (RMDs) are needed, social security payments change, or unexpected spending needs arise.
Investment Tax
We strive to keep our clients informed regarding interest, dividends and capital gains while suggesting payment amounts to mitigate year-end tax burden and penalties.
State Taxation
We can help you navigate income tax and retirement benefits across states. Your tax situation can vary dramatically from state to state.
caring hands
Charitable Giving
We will work with you to ensure you are making the best decision for you and your preferred charity when it comes time to donate or leave a legacy.
Strategic Investing
Taxes can be of primary concern when you are looking to invest your earnings. We can help with those tough decisions.
Life Events
Getting married, starting a family, or losing a loved one can have significant tax implications. We will help guide you through these adjustments, allowing you to focus on more important things
Curran Bridge allows Curran’s Investment Committee to manage your active and current Employer Sponsored Plans such as 401(k), 403(b), and 529 accounts. Through Curran Bridge, our team can:
Monitor your retirement balance and investments daily
Asset Allocation
Ensure your asset allocation matches your stated investment objectives and risk tolerance
Due Diligence
Conduct ongoing due diligence on your investment options to include actively managed mutual funds
Execute and implement your investment portfolio
Periodically rebalance to your target asset allocation, ensuring your investments do not stray too far from their original weighted percentages
Our Financial Planning Process

At Curran we value service over sales and believe quality service yields happy clients. Below is our 4-step process (the first three steps at no cost to you).

Engage & Discover

A short introductory call for us to get to know one other. During this call we will discuss your financial goals, concerns and hopes for the future.

Goals & Data Gathering

In this meeting we will go over your current financial situation, take a deeper look at your goals, discuss your risk tolerances, and collect the data necessary to build a formal proposal.

Proposal & Evaluate

Based on our data gathering session, our Private Wealth Managers will present you with a custom proposal tailored to your needs. We encourage individuals to take the time to evaluate this proposal.


If you are comfortable with the proposal and choose to invest with Curran, our team will be there every step of the way assisting in opening the recommended accounts and facilitating all necessary parts of your onboarding process.