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Market Update 1/25/2022

Clearly all equity markets are entering a period of correction or near correction. A correction is defined as a closing low equal to a decline greater than 10% below previous high.

This should not shock committed long term investors nor should it be a surprise.

Our discipline requires we always be prepared for a decline in prices and even a bear market. It is the reason we emphasize quality in our security selection and avoid â€œIF” investing.

If investing is when securities are purchased believing [hoping] certain events will occur. If they occur perhaps the investment will be a good one. If not, then the investment may not be so good. Another word for IF investing is speculation.

When investing in stocks we believe it is very important to always be invested for worst case scenarios.

We own and invest in companies we believe will survive and thrive in the long run. If should be a minimum component for committed long term successful investing.

Anxious investors, both individual and professional, can and do panic.  We do not panic. 

For your review we have included charts showing how we have done in the three most recent bear markets. In all cases, our Core Growth Equity strategy, declined less and recovered faster than broader market indices.

The Tech Bubble Burst (March 2000-October 2002)

The Financial Crisis of '08 (October 2007-March 2009)

Beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic (March 2020-June 2020)

Disclosure: Past Performance does not guarantee future results. The information herein is considered to be obtained from reference sources deemed reliable. All Investments carry risks, including possible loss of principal.