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Video Conferencing With Clients

Many people have begun using video conferencing as an avenue of communication since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, we have seen a major shift in the way we work, interact with others and go about our daily lives. Whether face-timing loved ones across the country or your relationship manager at Curran, we are relying on technology now more than ever before. 

Though the experience may be different than in person, our professionals continue to address their client's needs just as they would in more normal times. Our team has been meeting with clients regularly for months to ensure communication remains thorough. To ensure clarity during a video conference meeting, our relationship managers have the ability to share their screen to go over important documents and instruct clients on how to use Zoom and GoToMeeting (our video conferencing platforms) if they are having trouble.

Some may become uncomfortable at the thought of discussing their finances via video conference.  We understand and respect your decision. If you change your mind and would like to discuss your accounts via video conference, be assured your information is safe. 

For Curran clients who are not local, video conferencing allows us to better communicate even during more normal times. We want to be sure our clients know we are adaptable. We also want those interested in our services to know we are willing to create a connection via video conference. 

For over 40 years we have been helping our clients achieve financial security. COVID-19 has not stopped us. Our website says “no matter the path, we are here to go the distance” and we stand by that statement.

Please check with your Curran Wealth relationship manager, or our Tax Manager. 
Contact Curran Wealth Management if you have any questions.
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