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Curran Investment Management Nominated Nationally For Top Investment Manager

Curran Investment Management (CIM) had its Core Growth Equity strategy nominated as one of three finalists for the 14th Annual Emerging Manager Awards in the large cap investment category.   The winner will be announced in the April issue of Emerging Manager Monthly.  The winning firm will be chosen by a panel of industry experts who remain anonymous during the deliberation process.  CIM’s nomination is the second in the last three years. 

“Our Core Growth strategy has added value throughout the investment cycle whether in the bear market following the bursting of the internet  bubble in 2000 or the current bull market.  It’s an honor to have our large cap strategy recognized as one of the three finalists for 2019.”  
Kevin Curran, CFA - President and Chief Investment Officer

Curran Investment Management’s Core Growth Strategy is a concentrated equity strategy with the objective to consistently outperform the S&P 500 Index over a full market cycle on both relative and risk adjusted basis.  The strategy is invested in 20 to 25 high quality companies whose market capitalizations, at the time of purchase, are above $5 billion.  The portfolio is designed to deliver superior downside protection in difficult markets while fully participating in rising markets.  Risk in the portfolio is mitigated by limiting holdings to highest quality companies with superior balance sheets and sustainable long-term earnings growth.  CIM has been compliant with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) since its inception, and has received independent verification of its compliance annually.

Emerging Manager Monthly is focused on investment managers with assets under management less than $2 billion.  Since its founding in 2006, the publication has been the must-read resource for this unique sector of the market.  Emerging Manager Monthly focuses on investment manager searches, industry trends and investor profiles that assist small boutique asset management firms in learning about, understanding and succeeding as institutional asset managers.  Their goal is to identify emerging managers and their strategies for asset allocators looking to find undiscovered managers.


Contact: Julie Gondar, esq
 Director, Curran Wealth Management
 (518) 391-4200
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