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Curran Connections: YouTube

We are happy to announce that Curran will begin using YouTube as a more engaging way to connect with our clients and friends. Finding new ways to engage with you is continuously at the forefront of our minds.

As we all know, starting something new can be intimidating and at times a great challenge, but we are excited to grow with you. To us, we can always improve and that’s the beauty of trying new things, we watch them grow, evolve and change over time. 

What you can expect to see on our YouTube Channel:

With our YouTube Channel comes a 5-part video series titled Inside: Curran explaining the ins and outs of our services. For our clients, this video will solidify our message to you in a new way.

For our friends, welcome and we hope you stick around to watch us grow. This is the first series for our channel. However, we hope to expand to short informational videos as well as timely market updates as we evolve in the near future.

Supporting our Channel:

In an effort to introduce our new form of communication, we’d love to connect with you before our first video is posted. If you’d like to support Curran through this change, you can subscribe to our channel using these directions: How to Subscribe to a Channel on YouTube

If you don’t have a YouTube account, but want to subscribe to our channel here’s a Step by Step Guide. Once you’ve finished click here to subscribe to our channel and you will be notified when we post a video on our YouTube Channel. 

Supporting Curran without Subscribing:

If you do not wish to subscribe, we understand. If you are on our email list, you will be notified when a video is posted, however viewing the video is at your discretion. If you’d like to support but don’t agree with subscribing to our channel, feel free to share our videos on your social media channels.

We want this new form of connecting to be two-fold. You receive informative videos on a variety of topics and we are able to connect with you in a new fashion. 

As always, we appreciate your trust in Curran, and are excited for this new chapter of engagement to begin. 

Feel free to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.


Thomas J. Curran    
 CEO & Founder      

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