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Embracing Change - A Message from Tom Curran

When I started Curran, I had a vision of what we wanted to accomplish in terms of providing the most comprehensive level of investment and wealth management for our clients. This message is for all of my clients, the new and the old. I am determined to uphold the Curran Defining Quality standard for all of you. Please watch the video below or read the highlights below for the changes coming to Curran.


[00:57-3:03]  Relationship Manager to Private Wealth Manager

The Relationship Manager title will be changing to Private Wealth Manager. More than 15 years ago the term "Relationship Manager" was a title that was commonly used and was reflective of a time where most of the services we offered revolved around investment management. Our services revolved around the concept of how much money would you need to achieve financial security. 

[3:04-3:49] The Role of Private Wealth Manager

The Private Wealth Manager's goal and objective is to look at everything that you do in every area that comes under wealth management to include insurance, investments and tax and to compile all of this information in a way that you can understand and furthermore, act on if you so choose. 

[4:07-5:04] The Role of Private Wealth Administrator

The Private Wealth Administrator's goal is to provide you with all the services you need on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you need a check, are opening a new account, want to know the status of your investments or you’re not sure how to access something on our Panorama Portal. We are working to relieve our Wealth Managers of these tasks so they can focus on reviewing all aspects of your account as mentioned above. To reach out to our Private Wealth Administrator, please call 518-391-4200 and someone will forward you to our Private Wealth Administrator.

[5:10-5:43] Introducing the Role of Private Wealth Coordinator

I understand there are things that happen in all of our lives and investment portfolios that require special attention and someone who can concentrate on that particular need. This is why we’ve created the role, Private Wealth Coordinator who dedicates time on these cases while working with our Private Wealth Managers to ensure it is exactly what each client needs on a case-by-case basis.

[7:58-9:22] The World's Best Money Managers by Broadridge Lipper

Broadridge Lipper measures performance over various time periods. For 10 years ending December 31, 2021 (which almost every one of our clients owns) was ranked #2. That includes Vanguard, JP Morgan and the Fidelity.

Refer to our Lipper Rankings Here

[10:36-11:06] Patience with Curran

We hope you can be patient with us through this transition. We hope you can understand why we may change the way you relate on a day-to-day basis with Curran. We hope you can appreciate that we are doing this to improve our services and give you a team to depend on instead of just one person.

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